Best Detective Board Games


Detective board games Detective
Detective board games Detective

Full immersion in the investigation!

Detective is a board game created as the most realistic detective investigation simulator. The main feature of the Detective game is the use of a special gaming site. This site was created by the developers of the game as a fully working police database, which has everything you need to investigate. Searching for leads, personal files, material evidence and fingerprints with reports from the crime scene is a truly unique experience that completely immerses you in the work of a detective!

There will be so much information that it will not be easy to track down the chain of really important facts and find the criminal! But the action of the game Detective takes place not only in the virtual database, but also in the city represented by the playing field, moving around which spends your working time. You have only three days to unravel each of the five tasks, so you will have to assign roles in the team as efficiently as possible.

Feel like a real detective!

The Detective board game can literally break the fourth wall and bring unexpected online components to the classic board and cards game that will appeal to both experienced gamers and newcomers to board games. Finish the job – and hand it over to the boss, counting the number of victory points. Become a real professional with the Detective board game!

Portal Games Detective

  • Complex detective investigation using clues general knowledge and Antares Database
  • 5 crime cases to solve all interconnected and telling one compelling story
  • A fully cooperative immersive game night experience
  • 1 to 5 Players ages 16 and up
  • 120 to 180 minutes playing time
  • Can be played on video conferencing

Scotland Yard – Family Game

Detective board games Scotland Yard - Family Game
Detective board games Scotland Yard – Family Game

Board game with a cap

“Why do I need a baseball cap?” Is the first question that arises when you open a box of Scotland Yard. Inside the kit, there really is a black baseball cap with the inscription “Mr. X” – and it is needed so that this most mysterious Mr. X could escape with impunity throughout London from the police, and the detective players could not see where he was looking on the map.

Police? Detectives? What is this game?

Scotland Yard is a logic board game from Ravensburger in which you have to catch a criminal who roams freely throughout the city. The famous Mr. X is the man the entire city is hunting for, but only your team of detectives has a chance to set a trap for him. Mister X does not walk: he always travels by various means of transport and can only be caught at stops.

What is the gameplay like?

Scotland Yard is a cooperative game. Investigators must coordinate their actions in order to catch the criminal – and success depends on how well it turns out to be agreed and coordinated. The rules are quite interesting: the playing field is a detailed map of London with transport routes, each player is represented by a chip on the map, and a certain number of tickets are in the “starting capital”. Mister X marks his position every few moves – and the rest of the time he glares gloomily from under his baseball cap at his pursuers, without putting the chip on the card. If the investigators do not catch the criminal within 24 turns, the game ends with his victory. It is interesting that the tickets spent by the detectives go into the hands of the mysterious Mr. X – and therefore you need to think not only about how to close the ring of the raid, but also predict possible strategic moves and limit the criminal in movements.

Who is this game for?

Scotland Yard is a great game for any company from three to six people. It can be used for good rest, corporate trainings, development of children’s communication skills and much more. In a word, we have before us one of the most interesting and high-quality games with gameplay, unusual even by the standards of Ravensburger. Scotland Yard became Game of the Year right after its release – in 1983 – and today the number of its sales is not much less than the population of our country. So if you are looking for a good cooperative game without active competition and without the factor of randomness, be sure to check out Scotland Yard.

What’s in the set?

  • Detailed map of London with taxi, bus and metro routes (during the game you will surely not only have a lot of fun, but also explore the city well);
  • Tickets for all types of transport (hares are caught here much faster than bank robbers);
  • Tokens for Mr. X: with the help of them, he can move stealthily and quickly, stunning his pursuers.
  • Tablet for recording moves: in London, even a criminal should not cheat;
  • Chips of players; – Rules in any languages ​​except Russian;
  • Rules in Russian from our company;
  • The notorious cap, by which you can immediately recognize Mr. X.

Scotland Yard – Family Game

  • Hunting Mister X on the streets of London!
  • Ages 8 and up
  • 3-6 Players
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Board Game

Detective board games Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Detective board games Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

A group of investigators gathered in the evening by the fireplace to try again in a calm atmosphere to find some clue to the recent crime. Before them were sets of clues and instruments of murder, but they could not in any way collect all this into a single whole. The situation was complicated by the fact that there were rumors about corruption and one of those sitting in the room could well cover the killer. Perhaps an overseas guest in the form of a criminalist will help in solving this case.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong a little more about the game

If you try to describe the board game Deception: Murder in Hong Kong in a nutshell, then we can say that this is a fascinating mixture of Rory`s Story Cubes and Mysterium: the silent host, using text prompts, is trying to reveal to you the secret of the detective story that the murderer asked him with using special pictures. Short games, heated discussions and fantastic stories make this game a great choice for a get-together with friends.

The rules are easy to explain in a couple of minutes while you lay out all the necessary elements on the table. Each participant receives a set of four murder weapons, and the same amount of evidence, as well as one of the secret role cards, among which the killer is hiding. After that, the city falls asleep, and the awakened killer chooses a pair from the items he has, which will become the key to the crime. The facilitator has three rounds to help investigators solve this case using special cards with clues.

Mysterium in a new way

A lot depends on the actions of two players: the criminalist and the killer. They will be responsible for how fun the games will be. The choice of tools and evidence will set the main vector of the story, and the presenter’s imagination will complete the rest. At the same time, both parties are maximally interested in giving as much color as possible to events: one is trying to confuse investigators as much as possible, the other is to give them useful tips.

Numerous detective stories will unfold before you: from the tragic death at a construction site due to an inopportunely switched on drill to the attack of a mad dog attracted by the smell of meat bought in a store. Almost a hundred weapons of crime await you, among which you can find not only traditional daggers and poisons, but even such extravagant ones as, for example, the plague. Multiply that by two hundred available clues, and you have almost endless replay value.

An excellent game for a company of detectives

The design of the game is not very bright, but of high quality. Inside the convenient organizer, neatly, like in a real criminalist’s suitcase, are laid out cards of evidence and roles, reconstruction tiles and even a clip of wooden bullets with which the presenter will mark clues. Plates for recreating events are made of thick cardboard and will serve faithfully for a long time. Discreet illustrations allow you to focus all your attention on the story instead of looking for small details, because the main action will take place in your head.

Hasbro Clue Board Game – The Classic Mystery

Detective board games Hasbro Clue Board Game
Detective board games Hasbro Clue Board Game

The classic detective story will now make you the hero of your own investigation. The guests gathered in the old mansion to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of the owner, but … Oh horror, the owner is dead! And that’s all that is known about the crime. We need to find out who killed him, where it happened and how it was done.

How to play?

Several players by a chain of logical reasoning will have to find out which of the proposed suspects, how and where killed the owner of the mansion. The one who is the first to guess what name, murder weapon and what circumstances are described in the Black envelope will be the winner of the game.

What changed?

This edition makes your task more difficult. A new suspect appears in the case, Doctor Orcides – a gifted, mysterious and ambitious person. How she is connected with what is happening, whether she could have had a hand in the crime – these riddles and you have to solve. And you need to solve them before the rest – after all, you and your rivals will have to play around and fend off every suspicion. Nobody believes anyone – and nobody wants to be exposed.

Who is it for?

If you consider yourself a fan of classic detective stories – mind games celebrated by Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie – this game can give your intellect a great opportunity to warm up, hone your ability to build logical chains, and at the same time have fun with friends.

In this set:

  • playing field,
  • 2 cubes,
  • 6 character tokens,
  • 6 instruments of crime,
  • 6 cards of suspects,
  • 6 cards of instruments of crime,
  • 9 cards of the premises of the house,
  • Black envelope with a solution,
  • Detective notebook,
  • Rules of the game.

Hasbro Clue Game; Incudes The Ghost Of Mrs. White; Compatible With Alexa (Amazon Exclusive); Mystery Board Game For Kids Ages 8 And Up

  • PLAY USING ALEXA: Players have the option of playing this Clue game using Amazon Alexa. (Alexa device sold separately). Note: sound comes with the paired Echo device
  • GET HELP FROM THE GHOST OF MRS. WHITE: Use the Alexa skill to summon the ghost of Mrs. White. If she’s in a pleasant mood, she might help solve the case. If she’s not… watch out
  • WHO, WHAT, WHERE: Solve the mystery of Mr. Boddy’s murder. In this classic mystery game of whodunit, players figure out who committed the murder, the weapon used, and the room in which it was done
  • FUN FAMILY GAME: The Clue game is a really fun board game to play when the family gets together, for kids’ play dates, and for rainy day entertainment. For ages 8 and up

Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

Detective board games Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
Detective board games Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

Watson, do you remember that case?

Steam is smoking over the cups of tea, the wood is scattered with coals in the fireplace, and Sherlock Holmes, lighting his pipe, recalls the incident when he had to confront Mycroft. The confusing case of the explosion in parliament almost cost the brothers friendship: they came together in a fight against each other, playing the roles of defender and prosecutor. But everything ended well, so now the investigation diary is available to everyone who wants to meet in a duel or dreams of becoming a detective, following the intricate plots of detective stories with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Young players will appreciate the illustrations and descriptions of the characters, while parents will appreciate the improved math skills of their children.

The first day

Permanent characters take their places on the lined pages: Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade. They always stay in the game, following the ups and downs of events and helping as much as possible. On the very first day, one of the new characters appears from the deck: the same Irene Adler, who allows you to steal someone else’s evidence, the homeless Wiggins with pockets full of tokens, or the dog named Toby, barking pointing at the caches. Villains don’t sleep either! The sinister shadow of Moriarty, a criminal genius, stands behind Moran, taking clues or tokens from the detectives.

Four clues are laid out in a row under the field, next to it is a pile of cards. The players assign roles, take three markers and five tokens, and the fight begins. Here Mycroft finds a boot print and, guided by a vague guess, goes to the character of the first day. Sherlock, afraid of missing out on evidence, follows him. Days fly by, the evidence found accumulates, and the fate of the unfortunate prisoner depends only on the strategically correct decisions of the players. Excitement prompts to seek out the same evidence in order to accumulate points, witnesses now and then hide from the city, tired of interrogations. The seventh day will decide everything: give the victory to Mycroft and condemn the accused, or once again praise the mind of Sherlock and acquit the prisoner.

The composition includes:

  • A diary,
  • 6 markers,
  • 15 character cards,
  • 52 evidence cards,
  • 24 tokens,
  • Rules of the game.

Devir Games Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

  • Game designed by Diego Ibanez
  • A duel between the two most brilliant minds in London
  • For two players
  • Gameplay takes 30 minutes
  • For ages 10 and up
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