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Merchants & Marauders

Pirates board game Merchants & Marauders
Pirates board game Merchants & Marauders

Travel back to the “Golden Age” of piracy and find yourself in its very heart – the Caribbean Sea, with the board game Merchants & Marauders. The ship is under your control, and only you can choose how to use it. Enrich yourself through trade and shipping to become the most influential merchant of the Caribbean islands, or strike fear into the hearts and souls of people by the mere mention of your pirate name? The main thing in the game is to make money, but it doesn’t matter on bananas and sugar or robbery. Keep in mind that only one of the players will gain eternal glory.

In Merchants & Marauders, you can change the type of ship, its equipment, captain and special crew members, and all this directly affects your role and gameplay. Start the game on a decrepit dinghy and end on a galleon bristling with cannons or a huge cargo caravel.

The choice is difficult and all the paths of your development are associated with risks, and random events in the background add fuel to the fire. Good luck and a fair wind!

Merchants & Marauders

  • Pirate theme
  • For 2-4 players
  • Takes about 3 hours to play
  • Made in Germany

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates board game Dead Men Tell No Tales
Pirates board game Dead Men Tell No Tales

You managed to capture Captain Fromm’s legendary vessel, Skeleton’s Revenge. It seems that untold treasures are already in your hands. But the ship is engulfed in fire and is about to take off into the air. The living dead roam around, and formidable guards guard the wealth.

The flame burns your face and you feel deadly tired. Will your team manage to get the treasured riches, or will the ship live up to its name and take you with it into the depths of the sea?

Before Play

The starting tiles are placed on the table, on which the fire cubes are laid out, and the explosion track. The higher the value, the stronger the fire. Next to it are the room tiles and the Skeleton’s Revenge deck. Double-sided tokens are sent to the bag. Determine the difficulty of the game – the number of treasures to capture.

Each participant receives a hero board, one random item and character card, a pirate meeple, 5 action tokens, and places their battle token on the initial space of the corresponding track. Illuminated by the light of the raging flame, your team swims up to the ship in a boat.

How To Play

The participants will have to work together to pick up all the treasures, drag them to the exit and leave the ship before it explodes. Initially, you have only one exit, which is also the entrance. Another can be found on the room tiles.

Character cards give heroes special properties. Players build their strategy in accordance with the character and item cards.

On his turn, the player

  • ransacking the ship – adds the top tile of the room stack to the ship, places a die of the corresponding value on it, pulls a token from the bag and places it in the room.
  • Fire cubes add fatigue to pirates. When she reaches the dice on the track, you can no longer enter rooms with this level of fire. An excellent remedy for fighting fatigue is grog.
  • performs a pirate action using the available action tokens. You can move through doors, fight fire by turning the cube, clear the ship from skeletal sailors, increase strength in battle by moving the battle marker, lower the level of fatigue, change items, raise and place treasure, saber and grog tokens on the boards. Each pirate can carry at most one treasure, which also affects fatigue.
  • Flips the top card of the Skeleton’s Revenge deck. It shows the effects of fire and skeletal sailors. Flames ignite, barrels of gunpowder explode, increasing fatigue and fire.

When he reaches 6, the room is blown up and the pirates in it are killed. Each new exploded barrel or room brings the ship closer to disaster. The more skeletons in the room, the more difficult it is for you to fulfill your mission.

For Whom The Game

The board game Dead Men Tell No Tales will be interesting for fans of cooperative strategies.

Minion Games Dead Men Tell No Tales Strategy Boxed Board Game Ages 12 & Up

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales is a co-operative game for 2-5 players. The game uses the common Action Point system to determine what a player does on their turn. With a twist. As players work together, they can pass their Actions on to their teammates in order to best utilize the assets that they have. Players will build the board as they play, ensuring that no two games will ever be alike.
  • 2-5 Players 60-75 minute playing time Ages 12+

CMON Rum & Bones: Second Tide

Pirates board game Rum & Bones: Second Tide
Pirates board game Rum & Bones: Second Tide

Just like in MOBA games, in the game “Rum and Bones: Second Tide” two teams consisting of heroes and units participate in the confrontation, the main movement of forces takes place along the ladder lines, and the ultimate goal is to destroy enemy heroes and destroy rig the enemy ship.

In the game “Rum and Bones”, the participants choose one of the teams to fight for life and death in a boarding battle. On the one hand, the Marea de la Muerte gang, led by the female captain Viana, on the other, the lords of the depths, led by the shark man Karcharias. During the game, participants will control heroes endowed with unique abilities. All heroes have corresponding pads where skill cards are placed. By type, heroes are divided into captain, quartermaster, thug, artilleryman and beast, and units – into sailors and boatswains. Some heroes heal and raise morale, others are sharpened to inflict maximum damage, while others take damage on themselves. Someone is good in close combat, someone specializes in ranged. The field consists of pirate ships connected by three ladders. Two ships of the Marea de la Muerte gang have clamped the gallant of the lords of the depths in their pincers and are trying to board it.

During a certain number of rounds, players will pick up tide cards, activate heroes or a team. When activated, the hero can perform up to three actions – move up to two cells, attack or use his ability. Instead of moving along the ladder, you can try to jump aboard another ship. Here you have to rely on chance and roll the dice. If you are unlucky, the hero will fall into the sea. When the team is activated, the player places sailors and boatswains at the spawn points, and then can move the team, attack and shoot from the falconet. The dice are rolled during the attack. The destruction of sailors and boatswains earns 1 coin each, and the destruction of an enemy hero 3 coins and 1 victory point. A kraken can rise to the noise from the depths of the sea, and then no one will seem a little. Also, some tide cards allow you to summon a sea dragon to help you. The game is played until one team scores 8 victory points. In addition to killing enemy heroes, points are awarded for destroying the equipment of the enemy ship.

CMON Rum & Bones: Second Tide Board Game

  • For 2-6 players
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Introduces a new, dynamic leveling system, revamped gameplay, and all new heroes to the rum & bones universe.
  • With 70 beautiful, highly-detailed pirate miniatures, battles will take on a new level of realism.

Steve Jackson Games Port Royal

Pirates board game Port Royal
Pirates board game Port Royal

Welcome to Jamaica, to the glorious city of Port Royal – the capital and main fortress of the British colony in the Caribbean! We will find ourselves in the days when the harbor of this city was still full of life. See for yourself: merchants line up to bribe the greedy governor; sailors unloading chests full of gold and outlandish goods; harsh admirals are preparing frigates for battle – after all, the Jolly Roger and the black sails of the pirate flotilla can be seen far on the horizon! Paradise days for those who want to become famous!

About the game

Port Royal is an action-packed card game for 2-5 people that will take you to the vibrant world of Jamaica! But we are not here to relax, our goal is to get rich and become an influential person. You have to assemble a team of salted sea wolves, trade with overseas states, fight pirate galleons and equip expeditions to uncharted islands. Immerse yourself in pirate romance and breathe in the tart scent of distant seas together in the board game Port Royal!

How to play?

Having received the right to move, the player goes through two phases:

  • Opening Phase – in this phase, the player reveals the top card of the deck and places it in the center of the table, thus opening the Harbor. Then everything depends on you – you can continue to open cards or you can stop at any time. Remember that when there are two ships of the same color in the harbor, the turn will end there, and the second phase will not come – the turn will simply go to the next player. Different events take place depending on the type of card. Ship cards in the harbor allow you to get gold, but they can also be drowned so as not to collect two identical ones and not lose the whole turn. The character cards go to the Harbor, they will come in handy in the next phase. Expedition cards are located separately from the Harbor, waiting for a player to supply them. Tax cards will take gold from the wealthiest players and allow others to earn some money. The player decides when to stop and proceeds to the next phase;
  • Trading Phase – in this phase, the active player can take up to three cards from the harbor (depending on the success in the first phase), and all other players one by one. Ships can be sent to the dump and get gold. Character cards will have to be bought for gold, after which they will remain with you, and you will receive special abilities.

The move is passed on to the next player, and the phases are repeated.

Who has won?

The game ends when one of the players has twelve victory points. The round in which this happened is considered the last one, it is completely played out. After this, the final scoring takes place – whoever has the most wins. The rules also offer an alternative ending to the game, when the player needs not only to score twelve points, but also to have one assembled expedition.

Game features

This is a very addicting game with original and addictive mechanics. Nice surroundings and design allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. One of the advantages and features is that the game is completely card-based, but surprisingly deep in the gameplay. Port Royal won the 2013 board game developer competition between the Wiener Spiele Akademie (Vienna Games Academy) and the Osterreichische Spiele Museum (Austrian Games Museum). Then it was called “Handler der Karibik” (“Caribbean businessman”).

Steve Jackson Games Port Royal Board Game

  • 120 cards and a rule sheet
  • Easy to learn and fast to play while still satisfying more serious gamers
  • Beloved since European release and now available in the U.S.
  • High-stakes decision making, resource management, and player interaction, all found in one clever deck of cards.

Pirate’s Cove

Pirates board game Pirate's Cove
Pirates board game Pirate’s Cove

As you might have guessed, you will have to play as a brave captain of a pirate ship. The goal of the game is simple – to swim around the islands near Pirate’s Bay and become the most famous and formidable pirate in the Caribbean.

This is given 12 months (12 turns), during which you need to gain glory points by mining treasures and sinking other ships (ships of players from 3 to 5, including yours, plus 1-2 neutral ships are added). You are given your very own frigate equipped to the teeth, which you need to upgrade throughout the game. There are four components of the ship:

  • sails that affect speed;
  • a body that determines how much treasure can be transported;
  • sailors and cannons, which determine how many cannons you can shoot per turn. These two parameters are interrelated on the basis that there is one gun for each sailor.

Moving takes place on the playing field, on which there are seven islands. Each of the islands has its own characteristics and properties:

  • Tavern Island. Here you can go to all the noisy establishments and buy all sorts of bells and whistles. One gadget, or rather, one tavern card, can contain various abilities and upgrades. Among them there are ship improvement cards, parrot cards (a parrot on a ship also gives its own bonus), event cards (can help you or annoy opponents), battle cards (bonuses during the battle), as well as glory cards that bring additional victory points. Having moored to the island and chased away other pirates (in a fair or not very battle), you can plunder the island – take the treasures that are located on it this turn.
  • Islands of Sails, Cannons, Hulls and Sailors. Here you can improve the corresponding part of the ship, of course, not for free. The islands can also be plundered.
  • Treasure Island. Here you can bury hard-earned treasures and money and get cherished fame points.
  • Pirate Bay. Here you can patch the ship after a hard battle and get bonus tavern cards.

In general, each of the 12 moves is subdivided into 6 stages.

  • The stage at which for each island (except for Treasure Island and Pirate Cove) a card is revealed, which indicates what the player will receive if it is plundered.
  • Stage of navigation. All players, without showing each other, choose an island on their helm, to which they will go this turn. After everyone makes a choice, everyone moves to the selected islands.
  • Stage of the battle. If the island has more than one ship, then they fight with each other (exceptions: Treasure Island and Pirate Cove). The battle takes place as follows. Battle cards are played first, if any (they provide bonuses). Then everyone walks in turns, depending on the level of pumping the sails. On his turn, the player chooses the ship that he wants to attack, then chooses a part of the ship to attack, and then rolls the dice. A successful hit is when you roll 5 or 6. If at least one part of the ship falls below the allowable mark, then the ship is considered defeated and is sent to the Pirate Bay.
  • The stage of looting. After each island that can be plundered has one ship remaining, they can, not surprisingly, be plundered. “How much” was determined at the first stage of the round.
  • Stage of upgrade. Depending on which island you are on, you can improve the ship.
  • Phase of the black ships turn and treasure check. Neutral ships move to the next island clockwise. And all the players check how much they can transport treasures, and how many have accumulated in total. If the limit is exceeded, then the extra treasures are thrown overboard.

Is your head spinning from the number of rules? This is nonsense, because the game is so well thought out that everything is mastered very quickly, and during the game, a lot is very often intuitive.

The game is suitable for company and family. I was very pleased that the minimum number of players indicated on the box (three “pieces”) was not entirely correct. It’s more than real to play together, however, everyone has to play for two. Very often, when two people use their own rules, the games become either unbalanced, or the game itself becomes uninteresting. Much to our delight, Pirate Cove is over, and it’s still fun to play.

The game is very decent, and so high quality that it becomes even more enjoyable to play it. However, what else could you expect from Days of Wonder.

Pirate’s Cove

  • Take to the high seas in search of plunder and fame
  • For 3-5 players
  • Takes 60-90 minutes to play
  • Great game for the family
  • Take to the high seas in search of plunder and fame
  • For 3-5 players
  • Takes 60-90 minutes to play
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