SciFi Board Game

Rebel Nemesis

SciFi Board Game Rebel Nemesis
SciFi Board Game Rebel Nemesis

What could go wrong on a high-tech spacecraft powered by artificial intelligence? It would seem that everything is calculated, the technology is perfect, and serious protection protocols guarantee the crew a safe return to Earth. However, something went wrong …

The entire crew of the ship suddenly wakes up from hibernation. The system crashed and the ship came to a complete stop. Now, in order to continue the journey to Earth, it is necessary to find and fix the malfunction manually. The problem, of course, is quite serious, but completely removable. However, your hope for a calm continuation of the expedition disappears when you find a broken hibernation capsule, and next to the lifeless body of one of the crew members. What happened here? What sounds are heard from the cold steel labyrinths of the ship? They are clearly unearthly in nature … Is there someone else on the ship?

About the game

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative game set in deep space on an almost lifeless ship. In this sci-fi thriller, 1-5 players try to survive, figure out what is happening, fix the malfunctioning of the ship and return to Earth. It will not be easy to do this – players need to complete a personal task, as well as live to return home. On the way to survival, you will encounter many obstacles: dangerous extraterrestrial life forms entered the ship and are becoming more and more dangerous; non-functioning ship systems fail more and more often, and other players pursue their own personal goals, which may be opposite to yours …

This game was inspired by the best sci-fi horror films and therefore not only conveys similar feelings of anxiety and despair, but can also give many cinematic moments: a soldier is pouring heavy fire into the dark corridor space, trying to at least slightly restrain the attack of aliens. Here is a scientist running along the flashing emergency lights to bring samples to the laboratory and find a remedy against alien infection. And in a moment of complete despair, the traitor climbs into the last escape pod and flies away, leaving you alone with horror!

It is also worth noting that the game contains many detailed and very high quality plastic miniatures, and also offers a single player mode and fully cooperative with special rules.

How to play?

“Nemesis” is a unique, unpredictable and dangerous adventure with unexpected plot twists and difficult moral choices. Each player takes control of one of the surviving crew members, each with their own skills, deck of action cards, and equipment. Among the survivors, of course, there is a captain, a scientist, a soldier, etc. In this case, different characters have unique actions available, someone can sneak, someone is better at repairing, etc.

Each player receives two Objective Cards, of which one must be selected during the game. This goal will greatly determine how you play.

In fifteen game rounds, you must complete your goal. To do this, on your turn, you can perform actions using cards from your hand. You will be able to move around the ship, explore cameras, find objects, interact with the environment, etc. This is very difficult to do, the ship is about to fail. Here and there – breakdowns, fires, a bunch of strange mucus … Yes, there are clearly strangers on the ship! You can stumble across both small larvae and a huge Queen.

Thus, the players have no common goal other than keeping the ship afloat. Each player secretly pursues his own goals and tries to adapt to the deadly situation on the ship. Constant fear, misunderstanding of what is happening and mistrust – this is what accompanies the game of “Nemesis”.

Who has won?

The winners are players who were able to complete their secret goal, were not infected and made it to Earth.

Rebel Nemesis

  • Beautiful, detailed plastic miniatures
  • Game mechanics that convey the atmosphere of a sci-fi horror adventure
  • Elements of cooperation, bluff and backstabbing
  • Over 500 detailed and high quality game components.
  • Rules are revised with FAQ Incorporated

Capstone Games Gaia Project

SciFi Board Game Gaia Project
SciFi Board Game Gaia Project

About the game

Project Gaia is a very deep and lovingly crafted economic strategy for the colonization of space. The game is a reimagined and improved variation of the cult and highly acclaimed game “Terra Mystic”, in which you also had to take control of one of the available races and lead it to victory, competently managing the available resources, capturing neighboring lands and turning them into usable territories for the habitation of their race.

The general concept remains the same. The very action of the game was transferred to space, to the “Terra Mystica” galaxy. You still have fourteen different races available, which are quite different from each other in gameplay and strategy. Combined with a huge modular field and different tasks for the rounds, the game becomes insanely replayable.

The game has seven types of planets, each suitable for only two races. Therefore, players will have to fully use the latest technology – terraforming planets and transforming them into habitable for their race. As before, being a neighbor is more profitable, but you can colonize distant planets as well, becoming a real hermit. In addition to all this, players will need to develop science and technology, build new structures on their planets, form target federations from them and try to complete various tasks, earning as many victory points as possible.

Here is one of the best board games in principle, even without taking into account the genre and setting of the game. If you love high-quality and well-thought-out games, space exploration and science fiction, deep immersion in the world of the game, and you are not afraid of long games and rather voluminous rules, then this game is really your best choice!

How to play?

A modular galaxy map is assembled for each batch. The game process takes place on it. Each player chooses his race and takes the initial components.

The game lasts six rounds, and each round consists of four phases. Here’s what will happen during the game:

  • Income phase – all players receive resources (ore, knowledge and credits), depending on the game environment and mark them with tokens on a special tablet
  • Phase Gaia – during this phase, unstable planets are terramorphized into a planet such as Gaia, that is, it is already almost suitable for settlement by your civilization. This is possible if you have energy on your tablet
  • Action Phase – Players take turns taking one action at a time until everyone folds. There are many options to choose from:
  • Mine construction – allows you to colonize new planets if you have enough resources and the planet is within reach and suitable for colonization
  • Start of the Gaia project – allows you to turn an unusable planet for colonization into a planet of the Gaia type. The process will be completed only in the next round.
  • Rebuilding buildings – only mines can be built on empty planets. But later you can chain them into more useful buildings. For example, the Planetary Institute will give you a unique ability or action, and the Science Lab will give you technology tokens.
  • Creating a federation – so you can unite several neighboring planets colonized by you. If the planets are far away, satellites will need to be built. Forming a federation will give you victory points and resources
  • Advancement in research – in exchange for four knowledge you will be able to advance in your research
  • Pass – means that you no longer take part in this round
  • The Clearing Phase is just a normal preparation phase for a new round.

These interesting cases are followed round by round.

Who has won?

The game ends when the sixth round comes to an end. The player with the most victory points wins. Points can be earned in various ways:

  • By fulfilling the conditions on the round tokens. Each round, the tokens change and you need to flexibly change your strategy
  • By fulfilling the conditions on the final scoring tokens. These are longer-term tasks for the whole batch.
  • By uniting planets in a federation, you can get special federation tokens, which can bring you victory points
  • Points are given for progress in the scientific field, in the field of research.

Game features

Let’s take a look at the brightest and most interesting features of this wonderful game:

  • A sci-fi setting, an interesting and thought-out world of a distant galaxy, in which races strive to capture more space for themselves
  • Although the rules are voluminous, they are simple enough to learn. The second batch will sparkle with its dynamics. There is also a set of rules for beginners and for one player.
  • The game can implement various strategies, and some races offer a unique approach to the game
  • The games in the game are long enough and depend on the number of players, you need to be ready for this
  • Amazing performance and quality of components – this game is perfect as a good gift for any connoisseur of board games
  • The game has almost no mechanics of fighting each other directly, but limited resources turn each round into a real galactic battle!

Capstone Games Gaia Project

  • the follow-up to the critically and commercially acclaimed terra mystica
  • expand, research, upgrade, and setlle the galaxy with one of 14 factions
  • each of the 14 factions each has its own unique abilities and environmental needs
  • includes a challenging solo mode
  • Number of players: 1 to 5

Fantasy Flight Games Nexus Ops

SciFi Board Game Nexus Ops
SciFi Board Game Nexus Ops

War for resources

2315, greedy corporations scour the stars for any hint of profit. When a crew of space explorers stumbles upon the moon in a distant system, when a space exploration crew goes astray, they find something on it that immediately attracts the attention of the entire galaxy: Rubium is an extremely rare and powerful source of energy. In an effort to get rich as quickly as possible, researchers begin to sell information about the location of the moon to immoral competing galactic corporations, informing each that they will have exclusive knowledge of the location of the moon. Soon, corporations are sending their strike forces to seize control of the moon and its resources … and realize that the moon is home to extraterrestrial beings of incredible power. Competing corporations waste no time calling on the native inhabitants of the moon to gather resources and fight against companies. But who will seize dominion over the moon and its wealth?

About the game

Board game “Nexus Ops” – a game about fierce battles of warring corporations and alien creatures in a science fiction setting for 2-4 players. Players will have to explore the world, sending troops from their main base, extract resources, train new troops, summon alien creatures, participate in battles and complete various tasks – all in order to accumulate enough strength to capture the moon, which is rich in valuable resources.

The resources of the galaxy are rapidly depleting, and a corporation that succeeds in taking over the Rubium deposits will secure a high income for itself for years to come. Gather your troops, conquer the monsters of this strange moon and take your loot!

A little about the game mechanics

Each turn, the player receives tasks from the corporation, they include the destruction of enemy forces or control of areas of land. Most of the tasks are based on the battle of players with each other. Players will be able to control humans-earthlings and the fauna of the planet, which has as many as five species. Units differ from each other in price, strength and any features. The mechanics of the game is a fairly simple management of the incoming resources from the captured mines, moving units at will and throwing dice.


  • 164 Plastic Figures
  • 90 cards
  • 96 tokens
  • 17 terrain hexes
  • 4 memos
  • 8 cubes
  • 1 rule book
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